summer cleaning

Summertime isn’t all about fun in the sun in Sacramento. The summer season is the perfect time to complete some of your home projects too. The weather is wonderful so you should make the most of it. One of the interior home projects you should consider this time of year is summer carpet cleaning.

Why is the summertime one of the best times to hire a Sacramento carpet cleaning company?

The weather outside in the summer can actually help your carpet inside dry much faster. If the weather is warm and dry and not humid it will lead to the carpet drying quickly after the carpet cleaner leaves.

The only issue is if the service you hire uses too much water for their process. Popular steam cleaning companies use several gallons of water to the point where it saturates the carpet and even the warm summer weather in Sacramento won’t help it dry fast enough.

Another reason that summer is a good time to call a carpet cleaner in Sacramento is because no one is bringing in muddy shoes or footprints into your home this time of year. The dry weather means your carpet is likely to stay cleaner longer. Just make sure people don’t walk barefoot on your carpet too often. The summer heat might make you not want to wear socks but oils from human feet can make carpet get dirty very fast.

The end of the summer might be the best time to schedule carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning if you live with children. This means the moment the kids are back in school and aren’t home every day you can hire a Sacramento carpet cleaner. If you schedule the same time every year around “back-to-school” it will be easy to remember your yearly appointment too.

It is very important to schedule carpet cleaning every 12 months to maintain the quality of the carpet and help extend its lifetime.

City Wide Chem-Dry has almost 30 years of experience serving homes and businesses in Sacramento with superior carpet cleaning. You can trust us to deliver results you will love!

We use very little water and no chemicals whatsoever to provide professional cleaning and carpet that dries fast. Call (916) 399-0769 to schedule a appointment today.