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Why Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning?

A beautiful decorative rug or just any area rug can be a nice addition to a room. An easy and effective way to bring a room together and make it feel cozy. However, making sure they stay clean is not as simple.

Rugs collect dirt and bacteria from shoes, spills and animals. Most of the time rugs are exposed to much more wear and traffic than any other piece of furniture in your house. This is why professional rug cleaning is necessary in order to keep rugs at their best.

City Wide Chem-dry offers a superior rug cleaning service in the Roseville, CA area. This service will eliminate all germs and bacteria while cleaning dirt and debris, restoring your rug to its original beauty.

Our technicians have experience and knowledge of properly cleaning all rug materials including synthetic, cotton, silk, wool, and braided rugs.

Our Rug Cleaning Service:

cleaning rugs


To offer the best service possible City Wide Chem-Dry must first evaluate your rug. Our technician will inspect your rug to determine which process will yield the best results.

He will factor in the materials of the rug as well as how deep of a cleaning the rug will need. If the rug needs a deep cleaning our techinician will reccomend it be taken back to our location. It will be cleaned at our shop and returned to you as soon as we are finished.


Our first step after evaluation is to vacuum the rug. The vacuuming will remove loose debris, dirt and hair. This step is crucial to making sure The Natural® solution will effectively clean the deeper area of your rug.

The goal of this step is to make sure that all dirt and debris is completely removed to ensure our cleaning solution will properly clean your rug.

The Natural®

After we have completely removed loose materials we will spray our powerful Natural® cleaning solution onto your rug. The Natural® uses a carbonated solution by combining low moisture and H2O that is extremely effective in the cleaning process. Not only is The Natural® solution a powerful cleaner it is also green-certified and on the FDA GRAS list.

Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)

After The Natural® solution is sprayed our technician will use our state of the art Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) to lift any bacteria and dirt stuck deep in the rug.

Hot Carbonating Extraction is very effect and also one of the healthiest ways of rug cleaning. Our entire process does not use any chemicals. City Wide Chem-Dry’s (HCE) process was approved by rug manufacturers and The Carpet & Rug Institute.


We will then air dry your rug to make sure no damage occurs in the drying process. Completely drying the rug is necessary in order to fight off any mold. As soon as the rug is 100% dry we will return it to you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

City Wide Chem-Dry is 100% devoted to meeting your expectation. If not satisfied with the results for any reason please let us know: (916) 399-0769We will do our absolute best to solve any concerns you may have.

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