Quick Cleaning Projects for Your Home


kitchen sink cleaning

Busy! Busy! Busy! Homeowners are very busy these days. Sometimes it can seem as though there is simply no time for chores or housecleaning.

It is true that some chores are very time-consuming and others require professional services, including carpet cleaning. But there are some chores and quick cleaning projects that require very little time and can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your home.

Here are some easy chores around the home you can start and finish in 30 seconds or less:


Wipe Down Kitchen Surfaces

You can wipe down surfaces in your home with a dry or damp microfiber cloth in just a few seconds. Some of the dirtiest and dustiest surfaces in a home are in the kitchen.

If you have 30 seconds to spare, consider wiping down the stovetop, kitchen countertops, cabinet handles, the microwave door and sink faucets.

Change Garbage Cans

It’s very fast to change out a full garbage bag with a new garbage bag. This chore helps ensure your home remains fresh and it will be easier to carry out smaller bags of garbage to your trash can or recycling bins.

Cleaning Shower Walls

Just before your shower is over, you can clean the shower walls. If you keep a squeegee near the shower, you can grab it and wipe down the walls fast. This will prevent the build-up of soap scum on the shower walls and it will prevent the need to deep clean the walls in the future which is a longer cleaning chore.

Vacuuming Traffic Areas

You might not have enough free time to vacuum an entire room but you should be able to find time to vacuum hallways, entryways and other high-traffic areas. If you vacuum these areas more often, you will help extend the lifetime of your carpet and prevent soiling and permanent wear.

Clear Clutter

You should place bins or baskets around each room of your home for the purpose of quickly tossing clutter in them. Clutter could be items that need to be returned to another room in the home or piled up blankets or books. Consolidating all of the items into one bin or container will make returning them to their original location easier and they’ll be out of sight in the meantime.

We hope these quick cleaning projects help you tidy up your home in your free time. For questions about City Wide Chem-Dry or our carpet cleaning Sacramento services, please call (916) 399-0769.

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