new carpet

You just installed your new carpet. It’s brand new so it is not dirty. Then why do we recommend new carpet cleaning?

The reason new carpet cleaning is a good idea is because of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are chemicals and toxins the carpet manufacturers use during the manufacturing process. Formaldehyde is a common VOC you will find in new carpet.

The problem with these toxins are the fumes. VOCs emit intense toxic fumes for 72 hours after a carpet is installed. The fumes will wear down after the first 72 hours but as long as the VOCs are present in the carpet then the fumes will not disappear entirely.

You can help reduce the fumes with better ventilation in your home. You can run ceiling fans and floor fans and open doors and windows.

This still want remove the VOCs or fumes for good. The only way to remove toxins from your carpet is by hiring a Sacramento carpet cleaner.

Local carpet cleaning companies in Sacramento offer deep cleaning that removes dirt and toxins deeper in the carpet fibers. Traditional cleaning supplies and vacuums cannot remove the deeper contaminants.

If the goal is to remove toxins, don’t hire a local carpet cleaning service that uses chemicals for their process. After all, you want to reduce chemicals in your home, not increase them.

To remove the VOCs from your new carpet, call City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento.

Our process relies on green-certified cleaning agents and the power of carbonation to lift and extract dirt and toxins from carpet fibers. The Natural® is our signature solution and it is 100% green and on the FDA GRAS list. It is safe for babies and for pets.

We will remove the VOCs and shedding from new carpet so it is ready for your home and your family. If you are diligent about scheduling carpet cleaning every 12 months then your new carpet will last for many years.

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