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Chem-Dry Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaningNo one wants to sleep on a dirty mattress. Dirt mattresses often contain mold and several allergens that are not healthy for you or for your home.

City Wide Chem-Dry offers mattress cleaning in Sacramento, CA. Let us clean your mattress for you: Call (916) 399-0769

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Allergens in Your Mattress

mattress allergen removalAbout Dust Mites

There are many allergens that live in dirty mattresses. One of the most common allergens are dust mites.

Microscopic dust mites live on dead skin cells and feed on them too. The skin cells are shed by humans and by animals in a home and mattress are on of the most common places you will find dust mites.

Each dust mite creates 20+ excrements every single day. Their excrement contains proteins that many people are allergic too that can also cause asthma.

Dust mites are not visible to the human eye. You probably won’t know you have dust mites until you start to develop allergic symptoms.

One of the problems with dust mite is because each one is so small the human eye cannot see it. The only way to know for sure if you have dust mites are not is if you start to notice common allergic symptoms, including sneezing, coughing, itchy throat and itchy eyes.

Additional Allergens in Mattresses:

Dirty mattresses are also home to bed bugs. Bed bugs love warm, dark places and feed on warm-blooded hosts for their survival. Bed bug bites can cause stress, anxiety and insomnia and will sometimes even leave a scar.

Another common allergen in mattresses is mold. Mold will build up if a mattress is subject to excessive moisture and humidity and continually left dirty or moist. Oftentimes moisture is simply the result of body sweat that occurs during sleeping.

There are several health issues related to mold growth in a home or mattress, including trouble breathing, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing and more.

The City Wide Chem-Dry mattress cleaning process removes over 98% of dust mites, bed bugs and all allergens. We offer mattress cleaning in several cities:

Mattress Cleaning Elk Grove, CA
Mattress Cleaning Roseville, CA

Call us to learn more about how we clean mattresses for your health.

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