Choosing the color of a carpet is the one fun part that most people look forward to. Many think that it is as simple as getting a good looking carpet that matches their interior décor. Well, it goes beyond that.

If you are confused with the numerous colors of carpets, the first thing you can do is do away with the colors you hate. Doing this will leave you with fewer options, and we can take it from there. You can consider the factors we are going to talk about here. This will narrow down your choices to what color is best for you.

Finally, you can ask for a sample of the colors you are left with, take them with you and see how they fit in your home.


  • If you want your room to appear bigger, then go for lighter colors. However, if you want the room to have a cozy and snug feel, then you should choose darker shades.
  • If you’re looking to hide stains maybe made by children or frequent guests select a solid dark colored carpet. You will also want to consider dark carpet if you are a pet owner.
  • A flecked or multicolor carpet is great for hiding dirt.
  • If you want to hide seams to avoid making your carpet look ugly, then you need a dark colored carpet.


  • You can also choose carpet colors depending on how they make you feel.
  • Red is known to be a stimulating color. Therefore a red carpet can evoke emotions such as love, hunger or war. There are even studies to suggest that one can experience physical signs of stimulation such as quicker breathing and heart rate. Red works well in the dining room or master bedroom.
  • Orange evokes warm, energetic and welcoming feeling. That’s why it is used in children’s room or entertainment rooms.
  • If you want something cheerful and energetic, then you can go for gold or yellow. This is also a sign of extravagance, and it is popular among the rich. It’s an excellent color for the office or entertainment room.
  • Green is a sign of nature, renewal, and health and it is a color that is associated with money. Lighter greens give a natural, refreshing feeling and can be used anywhere. However, darker greens represent money and maybe greed while yellow-green represents sickness and jealousy.
  • Beige and Gray are calming and may be considered dull too. These are neutral colors, and so they are great in any room.
  • White is a symbol of purity. A white carpet gives the vibe of cleanliness and innocence. White cannot hide any imperfections, and that is why it is known as the color of perfection. Although a white carpet is tough to maintain, it gives the home a great feel, and it can be maintained.


  • You can also choose a carpet color that goes great with your walls. This is the first thing most people think of when choosing carpet color.
  • Gray walls. Grey is neutral. Therefore, you can choose any carpet color if your walls are grey. However, lighter colors work better if you want to make your home to look brighter. Cream and multi-colored carpets work well with a grey wall.
  • Beige walls. Beige color looks great with carpet colors that are bold. Examples of these include light blues, pinks, and turquoise. However, you should check if these colors look great with your other home décor. You can also opt for a lighter or darker shade of beige. A patterned or a multi-colored carpet will blend in well with a beige wall too.

We hope these tips help you choose the perfect color of carpet for your home! No matter what color you choose, you will want to schedule professional carpet cleaning each year in order to remove deep dirt and bacteria from the fibers. For homeowners and businesses in Sacramento, call City Wide Chem-Dry today at (916) 399-0769.