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The first thing you need to decide before you consider a redesign or repair is your home makeover budget. Your budget will provide an outline for how much to spend on materials and if you can afford professional services during the project. Here is how to plan a home makeover budget:

First decide if you are going to be making over or redesigning your entire home or just one or two rooms. You might find it best to redesign one room at a time. This way if one room ends up costing more than you anticipated you can pause the makeover until you can afford to move forward with additional rooms.

You should also determine the quality of materials you want to purchase. The cost of hardware, lighting and natural or synthetic wood adds up fast when purchasing several pieces at once.

You also need to decide if you should replace or just repair your furniture, décor or carpet. The cost of new furniture is very expensive. You can hire an upholstery cleaning service in Sacramento to restore the color of your furniture. If your heart is set on new furniture in your home, consider websites like craigslist.com or search local garage sales and discount stores.

The biggest cost is hiring professionals for the project. Try to do as much of the home makeover on your own. DIY projects will help reduce the cost significantly. If you decide you do not need new carpet, we do recommend hiring a Sacramento carpet cleaner to deep clean your current carpet.

We don’t recommend do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. Too much can go wrong. Reserve some of your home makeover budget to hire City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento, CA.

We deep clean carpet to remove embedded bacteria and dirt. We don’t use any chemicals either so there are no fumes or toxins in your new design.

Best of luck in your upcoming project! We hope you determine a home makeover budget suitable for you.

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