cleaning schedule

Organization isn’t easy but it helps. Especially for a busy homeowner. There are endless responsibilities throughout the course of the week and sometimes cleaning your home can get lost in the shuffle.

One way to ensure everything in your home gets cleaned as much as needed it to create a home cleaning schedule to follow each week. A set routine and schedule for cleaning will help you organize and remember all of the chores easier.

Homeowners should vacuum, dust and tidy up throughout the week. Some chores can be reserved for once each month or sometimes only once or twice a season. We have created a schedule for weekly chores to help get you started:


Let’s star the week in the kitchen. Your kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your home and more use often means more dirt and grime build-up.

You will need to wipe down counters multiple times throughout a week and of course clean dirty dishes and silverware as they pile up but on Mondays specifically considering washing the tile or hardwood floor, cleaning and reorganizing the refrigerator, cleaning the oven and cleaning out trash cans in the kitchen.


Bathrooms require constant cleaning. Each Tuesday you should scrub and clean your toilet and scrub the grout and tiles in the shower and bathtub. Change and wipe down any trash cans in the bathroom and wash the mirror and vanity countertop.


Homeowners should dust all of the surfaces in their home at least once each week. This includes tabletops, televisions, counters, dressers, lamps and several other common household items.

Vacuuming is very important for the appearance and well-being of your carpet. A carpet will last much longer with routine vacuuming as it helps prevent wear. You should vacuum all of the bedrooms and other areas once each week and vacuum hallways and high-traffic areas two or three times each week.

Then, two times each year you should schedule professional carpet cleaning for deeper extraction of bacteria and dirt.


Try to de-clutter your home once each week. Consider donating items you do not use very often to a local charity or shelter. If something is extremely used, perhaps throw it out and consider purchasing a more versatile replacement. The less clutter and items in your home, the easier it is to organize and keep clean.


End the week with a general cleaning session to tidy up around the home. Be sure everything is in its correct place in your home, all garbage cans are changed, etc. You want your home to be in good shape for your family over the course of the weekend or if you are entertaining during the weekend.

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