The holidays are a time of joy and cheer. There is a lot of preparation necessary for the holidays to be a success and part of that is getting your home ready for houseguests. That includes cleaning and holiday carpet cleaning.

All the hustle and bustle of the holidays could lead to you forgetting to schedule carpet cleaning before your guests arrive.

After all, there are presents to think about as well as meals to prepare and other items to consider. But you definitely want your home clean for the holidays.

A clean home will impress guests and make them feel completely comfortable during their visit to your house.

But you don’t want your carpet to be wet from carpet cleaning when the holidays arrive. Be careful not to use a rental machine or steam cleaning for holiday carpet cleaning.

Those two options use a lot of water to deliver their results. A steam cleaning company in Sacramento uses many gallons of water to rinse soap and dirt out of carpet.

You would hate to hire a Sacramento carpet cleaner and then have your carpet be too wet for guests to walk on.

Instead of steam cleaning, hire City Wide Chem-Dry. We use carbonation carpet cleaning for our service.

Carbonation carpet cleaning doesn’t use soap so we don’t use near as much water as steam cleaning. In fact, we use 80% less water for our process.

We also don’t use chemicals so you don’t need to worry about fumes or allergic reactions from our solutions. All our products are green-certified and safe for your home and your guests.

The great news is your carpet will be dry in just a couple of hours after we leave so you can focus your time on preparing your meal and home for your guests.

To schedule your holiday carpet cleaning, call (916) 399-0769 before your guests ring your doorbell.