green cleaning

2017 is about green living and helping the environment in whatever way possible. There are several ways residents of Sacramento can help the environment in their very own home.

This includes the products and services you purchase. For example, you can hire green carpet cleaning.

Most Sacramento carpet cleaners use chemicals for their cleaning process. The chemicals include detergents and phosphates that are not eco-friendly and are not the best for the health of your home either.

The method that uses the most chemicals is dry carpet cleaning. That type of cleaning involves a solvent or chemical compound applied to the carpet before the cleaner vacuums it for removal.

If the service does not use carpet cleaning chemicals it is likely that they still use too much water. There is nothing eco-friendly or green about wasting water.

The carpet cleaning machines at the hardware store or local steam cleaners use several gallons of water to clean carpet. The reason they need so much water is to rinse the soap and chemicals out of the fibers. Too much water can lead to carpet mold.

If the cleaner doesn’t use water it might mean they are using an acid rinse. One way or another, they need to rinse the soap out of the carpet.

You need to find a carpet cleaning Sacramento service that doesn’t use chemicals or too much water in order to experience green carpet cleaning in your home.

City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento, CA uses only all-natural products for our process. The Natural is our signature product and it doesn’t contain any chemicals at all. It is a powerful mix of water and carbonation to create millions of bubbles able to lift dirt from carpet. This is called carbonation carpet cleaning.

Then we use Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) to extract The Natural and the dirt from the carpet. This process only uses 20% of the water that steam cleaning does which means it is very eco-friendly.

Go green in your home with green carpet cleaning from City Wide Chem-Dry. Call (916) 399-0769 today!