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Chem-Dry Tile Cleaning

tile cleaning elk grove caCity Wide Chem-Dry has been expertly cleaning stone and tile for years. Our process will remove bacteria from grout and return the shine to your floors: Call (916) 920-5262

Our skilled technicians clean tile and stone floors without the use of chemical or scrubbing while still eliminating bacteria: Schedule Appointment Online

Why is Tile Cleaning Important?

Tile floors and stone floors collect dirt and bacteria over the years. Cleaning routinely may help temporarily but floors need a periodic deep clean.

This deep clean is very important in restoring your floors to their original shine. City Wide Chem-Dry removes the harmful bacteria and germs lodged in your grout making your floors look new.

A regimen of sweeping, mopping or even scrubbing cannot entirely remove grime and filth. While attempting these at home methods may mask hidden dirt it will not entirely remove it.

Our technicians will expertly clean the stubborn dirt and grime from your tile and floors until they are 100% clean. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

City Wide Chem-Dry only uses green-certified cleaning solution that is completely safe for your family and home.

Here is how we do it …

Chem-Dry Tile & Stone Cleaning Service:

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First, our technicians will inspect your tile and stone flooring or walls to make sure they identify the right material. This knowledge is very crucial to the choosing the right cleaning solution to use.


City Wide Chem-Dry then secures the rest of the surrounding area by taping it off. This is to mkae sure that no cleaning solutions touch and harm any furniture. Our technicians make sure that the only thing coming in contact with our solution is your tile or stone.


We start by removing surface dirt, dust and contaminants. Then we start the deep cleaning.

As we are cleaning we routinely check the progress to make sure the cleaning is on time and correct. City Wide Chem-Dry will make sure that the cleaning is on time and thorough.

If for some reason our technician is seeing undesirable results during the cleaning process he will break and reconsider the best course of action for success.


Chem-Dry applies a sanitizing solution to the tile or stone throughout the process to ensure a germ-free clean. Our powerful Sanitizer along with our deep cleaning eliminates 98.6% of allergens* from stone and tile flooring.

After our technician has finished cleaning and sanitizing he will lay a barrier to protect your floors. This protection sealant is a smooth surface that stops the quick penetration of germs and eases in mopping and sweeping your tile or stone.


Our floor polish is the final step to making your floor or walls look brand new. City Wide Chem-Dry shines stone and tile with our polishing solution giving your floor a fantastic glimmer!

Our Services:

We are proud to offer Chem-Dry products and services to residents of Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove and our entire service area:

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Superior rug cleaning from City Wide Chem-Dry features safe solutions and innovative equipment.

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Expert commercial carpet cleaning for your business uses green-certified cleaning products.

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Our 25 years of experience in removing difficult carpet stains ensures success for our customers.

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P.U.R.T.® features a patented formula for eliminating pet urine odors from carpet in 24-36 hours.

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Professional mattress cleaning from City Wide Chem-Dry removes dirt and dust mites from your bedding.

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