You don’t want to hear this but you probably have dust mites in your home. Don’t be ashamed. Dust mites are very common in most homes and the good news is they’re very easy to get rid of! Here is some more information on them:

There are currently 13 known species of dust mites. All of the species are microscopic in size and invisible to the human eye. You won’t see them in your home. But they are there. They love to live in places of your home with a temperature of around 65-75 degrees. This is common on furniture, in clothing drawers, in bedding and on carpet.

Do you know what dust mites eat? You won’t like this. They eat human skin flakes. The typical adult human sheds somewhere around 1.5 grams of skin every single day. That amount of skin flakes is enough to feed over 1 million dust mites. This is why they love to live in furniture, bedding and carpet.

You shed your skin on your furniture when you sit on it. You shed your skin in your bed when you sleep on it and you shed your skin as you travel through your home and it floats and falls onto the carpet below.

Dust mites aren’t just disconcerting. They’re allergens. There are several allergic symptoms related to these critters. Symptoms include itchy and runny noses, red eyes, puffy skin and headaches. Asthma sufferers sometimes experience shortness in breath and chest pain when near dust mites.

Like we said above, the good news is it is easy to get rid of dust mites. Better ventilation in your home helps. You should also wash your bedding on a regular basis. Your carpet and your furniture require regular vacuuming and deep cleaning periodically throughout the year.

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