Homeowners interested in spending less money on the maintenance and care of their home could consider do-it-yourself carpet cleaning. This would eliminate the need to hire a Sacramento carpet cleaner. There are several options for DIY carpet cleaning but in the end, are you better off calling a professional?

You can go to the hardware store and rent a machine for cleaning carpet. These machines are usually only available for 24 hours. You then need to carry the machine to your car and lift it into your car and into your home. These machines are very heavy.

You then must complete the do-it-yourself carpet cleaning before the machine is due back at the hardware store. To clean an entire home with one of these machines requires four or more hours for one person. If you don’t finish in time you will need to pay late fees or rent the machine again. You also need to purchase the chemicals for the machine.

The chemicals are usually $20 per gallon. The chemicals must be applied correctly. If you use too little you won’t clean the carpet. Too much and you could cause damage. Too much and it could lead to health issues too as most carpet cleaning chemicals are abrasive and toxic.

You can try to use household solutions like ammonia or vinegar for carpet cleaning but neither are effective solutions for deep cleaning carpet. You will just need to remove the ammonia or vinegar from the carpet or hire a carpet cleaning company in Sacramento to do so.

The idea of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and DIY stain removal sounds easier than it is. There is a lot of work involved and time. The labor is intensive and time consuming and you could damage your carpet in the process.

Trust professionals instead. City Wide Chem-Dry carpet cleaners have years of training in the proper care and solutions for carpet. We serve homes and business in Sacramento and provide superior results than other local companies.

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