commercial carpet

It is very important for businesses in Sacramento to schedule commercial carpet cleaning to ensure a clean and healthy environment for their customers and employees. There is a lot to consider when owning or managing a business and it might be easy to forget about the carpet. Here are some reasons why carpet cleaning is important for your business:

The atmosphere or ambiance of a store or restaurant is crucial to the success of the business. Your customers do not want to visit a restaurant that has stains on the carpet or on the cushions of the chairs or booths. The same is true for doctor’s offices or law firms. A clean location represents a professional location that cares about every detail of their business and that is assuring to customers.

You should plan on scheduling carpet cleaning at least three or four times a year for one of these establishments, especially for restaurants.

The same is true for rental properties or school buildings and other commercial establishments. Pride in your property showcases quality in other elements of your business.

For office buildings, your employees deserve the same type of comfort and cleanliness in their workspace. Your employees spend a lot of time and work and want to take pride in their job. The cleanliness of the office plays a role in that. You also need your office to be clean for the health of your employees.

Dirty carpet leads to bacteria growth and a buildup of toxins and contaminants. There are Sacramento carpet cleaners able to remove the bacteria and allergens from the carpet for a healthier environment.

Do not use a janitorial service for commercial carpet cleaning. Leave the deep cleaning of carpet for certified professionals with equipment and solutions designed specifically for the purpose of renewing and restoring carpet.

City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento offers commercial carpet cleaning for local businesses. We use green cleaning solutions and innovative equipment and methods for superior results. Our process removes allergies too!

We offer flexible scheduling too in order to clean your carpet at times that don’t interfere with your customers or employees. Our process is low-moisture which leads to dry carpet prior to the start of the next business day.

Call (916) 399-0769 for a free estimate from City Wide Chem-Dry. Your customers and employees will be so happy you did. You will too!