Cleaning to Prevent Cold & Flu Viruses in Your Home

woman sneezing


When the cold winter season sets in, it is usual for us to shut the windows and utilize the thermostat in our homes to keep it comfy and insulated during the winter season.

This action can result to a muggy and germ-filled indoor air. There are also large possibilities of the spread of cold and flu viruses in our homes if we do not take necessary measures in preventing them.

The safest method of preventing cold and Flu viruses from your home is by keeping your home clean. Why some might feel that keeping the home clean doesn’t entirely keep the virus away, it helps to greatly rid our home of these viruses and limit its spread.

Importance of a clean home in preventing the spread of cold and flu virus

Germs are everywhere no matter how healthy your home is. The fact that you interact with the outside world only goes to show that you can only do very little to prevent an infectious cold or flu germs from getting into your home.

The spread of cold and flu viruses occur when an individual sneezes, spits, or coughs. In an event where a person who has this cold or flu virus gets into your home, there is every tendency that this virus will follow them in. A clean or disinfected home is therefore a good way to stop germs before they contaminate your home and cause cold or flu outbreak.

How your home can be kept clean and free from cold and flu virus

There are quite a number of ways to keep our home free from cold and flu virus this winter season. Some most notable ways are.

  • Don’t bring germs into the home

There is usually a huge probability of coming in contact with germs and viruses when you go out. It will therefore be a good idea to take off all coats and shoes outside before coming inside your home.

  • Disinfect your home

Disinfecting your home is not a bad idea. Though this cannot be done to always just to keep your home germ free at all times, it is also a good step to take to reduce the spread of virus and bacteria. However, other forms of keeping a clean home will need to be practiced to achieve a good result.

  • Washing of hands

It is important to wash your hands with water and soap before laying hands on anything in your home.

  • Take a shower

Taking a shower can help to wash away germs and bacteria that gets attached to our body or hair follicles.

  • Consider getting a dehumidifiers or air purifiers

Considering the increased moisture forming inside our homes during the winter season, the humidity level in our homes rises to about seventy to eighty percent. This level of humidity creates an atmosphere where virus and bacteria can flourish.

With the help of a dehumidifier, humidity can easily be controlled through the removal of moisture in the home. The same goes for air purifiers which also help to eliminate virus and bacteria by stopping them from multiplying.

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