carpet stains

Why do some carpet stains return even after you’ve cleaned them? It shouldn’t be possible for a carpet stain to keep coming back time and time again but it happens a lot. There are two main reasons why carpet stains return.

The first of the two reasons is because the stain is much deeper in the carpet than just on the surface. You can blot and dab the stain on the surface with a clean white cloth or paper towel and a little water to remove it from the surface. To the human eye, the stains appears gone.

But if the liquid from the stain is actually deeper and down in the carpet pad it will continue to return for some time. The liquid will continue to rise through the carpet pad and fibers and return to the surface.

The only way to remove a stain deep in the carpet pad is to hire Sacramento carpet cleaners with powerful extraction equipment. But be careful. This leads us to the second reason why carpet stains return.

You hire a local carpet cleaning Sacramento company to remove the stain or dirt in your carpet but you need to choose the right one. There are some services that use gallons of water and a lot of soap in their process. They need all the water to rinse out the soap but even then they’re not always 100% successful. There is a good chance these kinds of companies will leave some soap in the carpet.

The soap the steam cleaner leaves in the carpet will act like a magnet and attract all the new dirt that reaches the surface. This is what you would expect from soap. To attract dirt. So the carpet will be clean right after the steam cleaner leaves and then all of the sudden stains will start to reappear in the spots where there is soap.

City Wide Chem-Dry doesn’t use soap in our cleaning or stain removal process. We use carbonation carpet cleaning to lift dirt and liquids to the surface with millions of microscopic bubbles. The process is safe for your carpet and your home and the stains will not return.

Our stain removal techniques are tested and proven over 25 years of experience serving Sacramento homes and companies. “If we can’t remove it, no one can!” Your stain will be gone and it won’t be coming back when you call City Wide Chem-Dry

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