“Ewww! What’s that smell?” That’s never something you want to hear or say in your home. There is a decent chance you have carpet odors if there is a smell in your living room or bedroom you can’t identify or find the source of.

There are a lot of reasons for carpet odors and you can fix all of them with professional carpet cleaning in Sacramento, CA.

The most obvious reason for a carpet odor is a stain of some sort. The odor will emanate from rotten food or liquid. You might not notice a spill immediately but if you do you should always attempt to remove it right away with a clean cloth and warm water. Dampen the cloth and blot the stain. This should absorb a lot of the liquid or solid. For full removal of the stain, you will want to call a Sacramento carpet cleaner.

You will also notice carpet odors in your home from pets. Your pets leave oils from their paws and fur in your carpet that leave an odor. And of course puppies or older dogs are prone to “accidents” indoors. Pet urine stains have a very potent smell due to their high ammonia content. The ammonia smell encourages your dog or cat to continue to pee in the same spot too which only makes the odor worse. You should not attempt DIY stain removal for pet urine stains. These stains require professional attention and a powerful treatment.

City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento offers PURT® for pet urine stains. The system eliminates over 99% of pet urine odors in carpet and upholstery.

Your carpet will also start to smell if it is left wet for too long. Your wet carpet will create a musty smell that is very unpleasant. The worst case is if the wet carpet leads to mold growth. There is a unique odor from carpet mold and you don’t want to breathe it in too much as it can cause headaches and nausea. You can avoid wet carpet with proper ventilation in your home as well as avoiding hiring Sacramento steam cleaning companies that use too much water to clean carpet.

City Wide Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is low-moisture. The process is green-certified and safe for children and pets. You will love the results and your carpet won’t have any odors afterwards. Just a clean, fresh scent!

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