If a deal appears too good to be true, it probably is. The same can be said for Sacramento carpet cleaners offering extremely low prices for their service. Be careful for this. There are several carpet cleaning scams to be aware of.

The most popular scam is called “bait and switch”. You have probably heard of bait and switch before. This occurs when a carpet cleaning service advertises a low price for their service. Then when the company arrives you discover that they won’t provide the service as advertised.

The advertised price is more of an introductory price. For the full-service, including solutions or labor or additional costs, the price starts to rise and the next thing you know just a basic carpet cleaning costs twice as much as you planned on spending.

Even worse, if the service is low-quality, you might have to hire another company to come out again and clean up the mess, resulting in even higher carpet cleaning costs.

There are other carpet cleaning scams where the company does not use any kind of cleaning solution or product for the service. The company will just fill their equipment with hot water and then spray that hot water on the carpet and tell you that they used their chemicals or product when they did not.

The solutions for cleaning carpet are often one of the highest costs for a company so this is how some avoid those costs and in the end you end up paying for it.

You might also see companies advertising green carpet cleaning or eco-friendly products for their process. This is usually only partially true. Most steam cleaners do not use chemicals to clean carpet but then use a chemical or acid rinse to rinse out the water and soap from the carpet. Be sure you know exactly what products the service uses on your carpet.

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