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The most important thing a pet owner has to do is ensure their dog or cat is safe at all times and in their home. You don’t want anything in your home that can harm your pet to be somewhere your pet can reach it or interact with it.

But what about carpet cleaning? After all, pets spend a lot of time on the carpet. Is carpet cleaning safe for pets?

You should research local carpet cleaners before hiring one to understand their process and learn the chemicals or solutions they use for their service. There are several options when it comes to carpet cleaning Sacramento.

There are carpet cleaning machines that use a lot of soap and chemicals and saturate carpet with excessive water. You don’t to expose your pet to unnecessary chemicals and wet carpet can lead to mold growth and bacteria which causes respiratory issues in both people and pets.

Professional steam cleaning companies don’t use as many chemicals for cleaning the carpet but do use an acid rinse for extracting the dirt and water from the carpet. Be sure to ask about this acid rinse prior to hiring a steam cleaner.

Your best choice for carpet cleaning safe for pets and carpet cleaning safe for babies is to hire City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento, CA.

Our carpet cleaning methods do not require soap or use chemicals. We don’t even use much water either. Our process is eco-friendly and 100% safe for people and for pets.

The Natural®, our proprietary cleaning agent, is green-certified and uses the power of carbonation to remove dirt and germs from carpet.

We also offer P.U.R.T.® for professional pet urine removal treatment. P.U.R.T. is able to remove 99% of pet urine odors from carpet and from furniture too!

Be careful when hiring local carpet cleaning companies and be sure to do your research. You will find that City Wide Chem-Dry is the safest choice for carpet cleaning for homes with pets.

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