carpet baby

If you are about to bring a newborn baby home from the hospital you probably want your home to be 100% safe and clean. You definitely want your carpet to be clean since babies and children spend so much time near or on the floor. But is carpet cleaning safe for babies?

This is a common question because so many carpet cleaning companies use chemicals or detergents for their process. You don’t want to subject your newborn to unnecessary chemicals or detergents if you don’t have to.

Many steam cleaners use a lot of soap or carpet shampoo and use a lot of water to rinse it out. Sometimes water is left behind and that can lead to mold growth or other bacteria. Other steam cleaners use a solution called an acid rinse. You don’t want an acid rinse around your newborn baby.

What do you do? You know you want the carpet clean and your home to be germ-free before the baby arrives but how do you know which carpet cleaning is safe for babies? The answer is City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento.

Why is City Wide Chem-Dry the right choice for carpet cleaning Sacramento services?

City Wide Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses 80% less water than cheap companies and the steam cleaning process. This means the risk of mold growth or bacteria is very small from our process.

Another reason is because we don’t use chemicals or acid-rinse or any kind of detergent or phosphate for our results. Instead we use green cleaning solutions and carbonation. The Natural® is on the FDA GRAS list so you know it is completely safe for your baby and your home.

We clean the carpet, extract the dirt and our solution and all of the moisture and leave behind healthy carpet you will love just in time for your baby.

This means carpet cleaning is safe for babies if you choose the right carpet cleaners. Choose City Wide Chem-Dry for peace of mind.

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