If you are fed up with allergies this year then it is time to schedule carpet cleaning for allergy relief. Do you know how many allergens live in carpet? This is why many believe carpet is bad for allergies.

Dust mites are a very common allergen that live in dark and damp spaces as well as corners of carpet or beneath furniture. There are several allergic symptoms related to dust mites living in your home.

Basic dust is another allergen and it is almost unavoidable. Dust from tables and other surfaces eventually settles onto carpet and is trapped there.

Do you own pets? Pet hair and pet dander all get trapped in carpet fibers and both are very common allergens in households in Sacramento.

Various toxins, contaminants and other particles are found in dirty carpet too and the worst thing is you have no idea they are there because the allergens are deep in the carpet fibers and invisible to the human eye.

Routine vacuuming helps to eliminate allergens near the surface of carpet but won’t remove deeper dander and dust.

To remove the truly harmful and deep allergens you need to hire carpet cleaning Sacramento services with industrial and professional equipment and solutions.

Don’t settle for carpet cleaning machines or cheap services. City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento has a proven track record of almost 30 years of removing dirt, cleaning carpet and eliminating allergens.

Our process uses The Natural® and HCE cleaning to extract allergens from carpet. We remove over 98% of all allergens from carpet and from upholstery.

Go even further toward a healthier home and purchase our sanitizer that removes 89% of bacteria in the air.

That means an appointment with City Wide Chem-Dry results in a truly healthy home, including your carpet, your furniture and the air you breathe.

To schedule carpet cleaning for allergy relief and fight your allergic symptoms, call (916) 399-0769

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