You might notice a bump or a hill in the middle of your wall-to-wall carpet. This is not a good thing as your carpet should be flat across the entire surface. This defect in the carpet is called carpet bubbling and there are several causes for it, some more common than others.

The first reason carpet bubbling might occur is due to poor installation from installer you hire or the carpet retailer outsources. The installer needs to have the proper expertise and experience to stretch the carpet and properly fasten and attach it to the carpet pad and the subfloor of your home. If any step in the process is done incorrect it can lead to carpet bubbling.

You also might experience carpet bubbling if you don’t purchase a quality carpet pad. The pad is a critical component to the performance of your carpet over time and if it wears down fast your carpet will too.

The second reason for carpet bubbling is that the carpet is simply too old and is starting to wear down. Wear, tear and dirt are common signs a carpet is getting too old and so is bubbling. If your carpet is over 10 years old and bubbles or bumps are starting to appear in the center of the carpet, it means the carpet is starting to wear down.

The main reason carpet browning and carpet bubbling occur is from wet carpet. You never want your carpet to get too wet or be soaked. This might happen from water damage or spilling liquid on your carpet. It also happens a lot from hiring a low-quality carpet cleaner in Sacramento or a steam cleaning company.

The cheap carpet cleaning companies in Sacramento do not have equipment powerful enough to extract all of the water used in their service and steam cleaners expose carpet to several gallons of water in order to rinse out the soaps and harsh chemicals needed during their process.

Too often the steam cleaner does not remove all of the water from the carpet and the pad and the end result will be carpet bubbling.

You don’t need to worry about carpet bubbling when you hire City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento, CA for carpet cleaning. We use one-fifth the amount of water that steam cleaners use and our equipment is recognized with The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

The end results from our carpet cleaning is drier, cleaner and healthier carpet. You will love the way it looks!

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