Did you ever see someone use club soda for stain removal? The reason people use club soda to clean fabric stains is because of its carbonation. The bubbles from the carbonation lift the liquids from the stain out of the fabric. Did you know there is carbonation carpet cleaning too?

The most common form of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. The process of steam cleaning uses soap and detergents in combination with gallons of water to clean carpet similar to how you might clean silverware or pots and pans.

The steam cleaning company sprays soap onto the carpet, then hot water, and attempts to rinse all of the dirt and soap from the carpet. This typically results in some water and soap left behind in the carpet.

You don’t want your carpet to be wet because it can lead to carpet mold and soap that remains in carpet can attract new dirt and result in instant soiling.

This is why Chem-Dry laboratories thought it would be a good idea to come up with a carpet cleaning method that didn’t require any soap. The idea of club soda was the inspiration for carbonation carpet cleaning.

The Chem-Dry process doesn’t use any soap at all. Instead of soap and detergents, the process uses a cleaning agent named The Natural®.

The Natural is a green cleaning solution and contains no chemicals. The solution is a mixture of water and carbonation that forms millions of tiny bubbles. The bubbles then lift the dirt and bacteria from carpet similar to club soda lifting the stains from clothing.

City Wide Chem-Dry in Sacramento, CA is the local carpet cleaning company that offers Chem-Dry carbonation carpet cleaning.

You will be amazed by the results we deliver without soap or cleaning chemicals. The clean lasts longer and it is drier and healthier too! We remove 98% of allergies from carpet as well as common stains.

To see the results of carbonation carpet cleaning, call (916) 399-0769 today or visit our website for more information: sacramentocarpetcleaning.org