Stairs are high traffic areas in any home. With kids running about, you need your stairs to be safe and carpeted with durable material. You should not purchase one that will develop bald patches easily, is cost ineffective, thus putting you in a financial fix that’ll require that you buy a new one .

Look out for:


This is the key factor to consider while on the lookout for carpet for your stairs. Durable carpets confidently stand up to high traffic. The quality of fiber and method employed in adjoining it contributes significantly to its durability.


Carpets for stairs are considerably thick. They are much denser than the carpets used in the bedroom or any part of the house that experiences less foot traffic.  It could look thin but if made from quality material, will last long. If your carpet is too thick, it will cause trips and falls. It is also difficult to install especially if you’re trying to wrap them around whirling staircases. They won’t be yielding and would cost you more to install.


Stair carpets do not necessarily need to be stain resistant but you can still consider it especially if you have kids constantly running around the house, up and down the stairs. If you also wear outdoor shoes into your home and up or down the stairs, this is an important point for you. It would be wise to walk on them with socks or indoor slippers that are less likely to transfer dirt.


They are highly durable and bear the highest foot traffic with minimal effect on its structure. It is sustainable, fire resistant, stain resistant, and requires little maintenance efforts. It is costly but will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is one of the best carpets for stairs.


This is a cost effective yet highly durable carpet. It is highly resilient which means it will lie perfectly across each stair effortlessly. It is made of very strong fiber and easily withstands abrasion. No amount of foot traffic tampers with its quality. It looks brand new after every cleaning. The only disadvantage is that it easily absorbs stains. You will have to treat if for stain resistance before installation to combat this weak point.


Low pile carpet with tightly, twisted fibres conceal footprints and do not flatten out quickly. It withstands wear, tear, and pet scratches.


Do not go for light colored carpets. Stains are likely to show very quickly even if it is durable. Chose mid tones or try striped carpets. Striped carpets are a lovely choice if you’re a fan of space. They make small spaces look lengthier.


The edges and nosing of each stair is mostly affected by foot traffic. The middle of your carpet is most likely to wear and tear the quickest. It is thus essential that you use carpet pads to cushion the effect of massive foot traffic. You can rest, assured that your carpet will stand the test of time.

Ring it to your ears like a mantra: “Durability is a key factor for choosing carpets for high traffic areas”. Don’t forget.