nylon carpet

Research shows that nine out of 10 homes buy nylon carpets compared to the rest of the carpets. Nylon is cheaper than wool. Although polyester and polypropylene are less expensive than nylon, there are some benefits associated with nylon carpets, and that’s why people prefer it.



Nylon carpets are known to be among the most durable in the market, and it is the number one reason why most homeowners like it. The fact that they are durable makes them ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Nylon is also the best type of carpet for stairs.

These carpets have a great ability to accommodate extended wear and tear. Therefore, when you invest in a nylon carpet, you will take a long time before spending money on buying another one. Your carpet gets exposed to constant foot traffic, and that is why you should have one that can withstand that kind of pressure.

Also, these carpets are the strongest among all carpets. Nylon carpets can resist abrasion, molding, insects and numerous chemicals that negatively affect its look and functions. That is why it is also viewed as the most practical carpet one can buy.


The nylon material can be used in a variety of ways. That is why there are various types and styles of nylon carpets. This is an advantage because you will have a variety of forms and styles to choose from when shopping for one. Its flexibility is also seen in the fact that it is available in numerous colors. That is why it is among the most used carpets.


We all want our homes to be clean, and this is the reason why many people go for nylon carpets. It is especially advisable to have a nylon carpet if you have many people in your home because people equals foot traffic. If the carpet is dirty and it is a type that is difficult to clean, you will have a hard time. Nylon fiber is very easy to clean.

On top of that, its fibers are resistant to stain because they are synthetic, therefore making your clean job even more comfortable. Consequently, you won’t be scared to install your nylon carpet in areas with traffic such as the kitchen and dining room.

This means that these areas will be clean since the carpet won’t accumulate dust and dirt. Sometimes, it is difficult to avoid spilling food and drinks on the floor mainly if you have children in the house. This is why you need a nylon carpet.


Buying a nylon carpet is an excellent investment because its synthetic fibers allow it to retain its shape for a longer duration than the rest of the carpet fibers. Therefore it will save you a lot financially, and you will still have a good looking carpet for years.

A nylon carpet will give you value for your money, will continue to look great and will serve you well if you have children in the house. If you previously didn’t have reasons to buy one, now you do.

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